What We Do

MOMS Club® of Uniontown, OH has events scheduled Monday thru Friday during the day. As a member you may attend as many or as few events that fit into your lifestyle, family, and schedule. 

Open HouseMonthly Social MOMS Club – We meet once a month to go over club business, meet with new members, have fun and simply hang out!  There are toys available for the kids or something to entertain them, and we take turns bringing snacks for both kids and moms!

Playgroups – Playgroups are one of the top reasons members join our club. These are either hosted at a member’s house, local park, coffee shop, or some other fun place!  Members are encouraged to volunteer to host a playgroup, because if no one hosts their isn’t anything to go to. As a host, you will decide the nature of the event and will be the point of contact for the playgroup. (ex. play at the park, craft at your home, indoor/outdoor play)

Tours & Field Trips – We have had tours of restaurants, ice cream shops, local fire stations, farms, and orchards.  We also go on field trips to  places like the Zoo and the McKinley Museum.

MOMS Night Out(MNO) MOMS Night Out occurs once a month.  During this time, moms are given the opportunity to join together and mingle with other moms without their kids (Kids are welcome at all event however we try to make this just for the moms).  Some past events have included movie night, dinner at a winery, and lately a huge hit has been MOMS Night IN (at a members house). The last MNI we played a game and had s’mores.  It’s a great way for moms to relax and take time for themselves.                            

Parties – We have a Spring Egg Hunt, last year the Easter Bunny visited, Family Picnic, a Halloween Party in the Fall, and a Holiday party in December. Along with misc. parties for the other holidays.

Family Event CoordinatorOnce every few months a family event will be held in order to incorporate the dads into our MOMS Club events. 

JUMP(Just Us Moms Please) CoordinatorOnce or twice a month an event will be held such as coffee, lunch, or an early movie. This outing will be for those moms whose kids have gone back to school, or the kids are being watched by someone else.  

Community Service Projects Each chapter is asked to complete at least one service project per year benefiting families and children in need in our area.  Its a great way to teach our children the importance of giving.  Past proceeds have been donating to charities such as Susan G. Koman Foundation, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, adopt a Military Family, Green Good Neighbors, Akron Children’s Hospital and the Akron-Canton Regional FoodBank, Alex’s Lemonade Stand, Project KARE, and the YMCA. Go to Service Projects if you’d like to know more!