Currently our dues are $25 a year. The dues are used to pay for supplies for service projects, chapter supplies and to pay our dues to international. Before joining you may attend two events before you decide to become a member. 


Q: How do I find out what’s going on in the Club?

A: We use our private Facebook group to communicate and view scheduled events.  We also email important information to our members these items include our monthly playdate calendar and newsletter, service project flyers, and meeting agendas. Attending our Monthly Social is a great way to stay informed about that is going. At the social we vote on important issues and discuss current events within the club. Every members opinion is important to the success of our Club. 

Q: Can my children really come to everything with me? What about kids I baby-sit for?

A: Yes, please bring your children to everything! Most moms do choose to leave the kids with dad or a sitter for MOMS Night Out, but children can attend. You may bring any children besides your own that you are responsible for as long as the proper forms are  signed and on hand for each child you wish to bring to an event.  If needed, we can email these forms to you in advance.

Q: What do my dues pay for?

A: We pay the International MOMS Club® Corporation $5 per member per year to maintain our charter.  In addition, your dues pay for the expense of general supplies needed to run the chapter.  Since we are a non-profit group, we can spend very little on parties, etc. and thus must rely on our membership to donate the time and supplies to make our gatherings work, or to help raise money for fund-raising events.

Q: How much will the MOMS Club® cost me?

A: You do not need to spend any money besides your annual dues unless you choose to. Monthly Socials, play groups, park days, and most activity groups are free.  Some field trips and MOMS Night Out may cost additional funds, but we try to keep them reasonable.  In addition, you may choose to bring snacks or a potluck dish to some of our gatherings, or donate craft supplies to an event, and the cost of those are up to you.

Q: How can I get more involved?

A: We rely on our members for everything, so your participation will be very appreciated.  Form a new activity group.  Come to the Monthly Socials and share your ideas and opinions.  This is YOUR club, you will get out of this club what you put into it!

Q: Are there any “perks” to being in the MOMS Club®?

A: Sure! Not only do you gain an amazing support system you make amazing friendships. Friendships are not exclusively for us moms our kids form friendships as well.  And of course, let’s not discount the memories you will make with your kid(s) at our activities!