Monthly Socials

Our Socials are held at different locations based on weather and time of year. The Social is open to all current members as well as to potential members. The Socials are each going to have a theme. This month is an Ice Cream Spectacular. At these Socials business is discussed briefly then any voting takes place at this time. After the business is out of the way, we have adult conversations and sometime even some FUN!  Discussion topics include but not limited to what the day to day mom hurdles we face, what events our coming up, and sometimes just random topics.  There is generally some form of entertainment for the kids; playground, toys, coloring books, or a craft, so that the Moms have an opportunity to socialize.  The Moms often take turns volunteering to bring drinks and snacks for the kids and sometimes the Moms to. 

If you are interested in coming to our Social or to get more information about our club or other events available for you to attend please contact us at:

Social are held on the 3rd Friday of every month

*You may  attend 2 events prior to deciding if you want to join MOMS Club of Uniontown*